TV Times

My time on the television

Tom Edwards on BBC Look East c.1991

After leaving Radio Caroline on Monday August 14th 1967, a mere 12 hours before The Marine Offences Act became law at midnight, I wasn’t sure where my future was going.  Had I stayed on board the Mi Amigo ship I could have gone to prison and had my passport taken away. Seems ridiculous today.

I’d spent 3 happy but at times dangerous years out in the north sea and went home to Mum in Norwich.  I tapped on the door of BBC East and within a matter of weeks was reading the local tv news and introducing “Look East” at just 22. On January 1st 1968 I started on radio’s one and two doing Midday Spin, Whats New, Radio One club .  I joined the corporations  staff on those networks a few years later as an announcer,presenter and newsreader.

Tom Edwards - Thames Television Invision Announcer

In 1979 I went freelance again and joined Thames TV during the week as an “in vision” announcer also for ATV, Harlech , Tyne Tees, Southern and at Anglia.

I went to Los Angeles for a few years working in Hollywood but in 1990 I felt homesick for Norfolk and Mum.  The BBC welcomed me back and so I had returned home in a way after going full circle.

21 years ago the village of Heckington here in Lincolnshire either found me or vice versa and I now regard this place as my home.  At 71 now I only work when asked and through social media many people remember incidents in my life that I had long forgotten.  I’m so grateful to those folk and their memories of the watery days miles out to sea spinning vinyl which has now become a “must  have” especially among the younger generation. 

What goes around comes around.  Just like a record.