Is Anybody There?

My Official Memoirs - Book launch 8th December 2018

Publishing Note:

"Tom Edwards was a successful broadcaster, DJ and TV presenter. A man
respected by his friends and critics. But it all ended terribly for him.
These memoirs allow Tom to tell for the first time how his good and bad
experiences led him to find solace in a bottle; and led to his downfall.
Now Tom lives quietly in the village of Heckington, coping daily with the
consequences of his actions. He hopes that people that read this book will
learn from his mistakes."

I have for years wanted to write this book, but writing is has not been easy. Many times through many nights until dawn I would put pen to paper and almost threw the towel in.

I write in detail about some terrible things that have haunted me to this day. I called the publisher airing my worries and he said "Don't hold anything back Tom. It's your memoirs and if you do you will regret it.”

I haven't held anything back!

It’s not all doom and gloom though. I do some crazy name dropping and in some chapters I felt like Jackie Collins when writing about some moments in my long life.

Writing about one’s life does take over your life. I’m glad its all done and dusted, It’s been worth it but never again!

My book is a turbulent read but I hope you enjoy it and you can join me on a journey that took me here, there and just about everywhere.

The official launch of my book is on 8th December 2018 at Birmingham University. I hope you enjoy it.